My Accountability, Your Privacy, and Financial Disclosure

I abide by all North Carolina laws pertaining to the practice of psychology and I strive to meet the guidelines set forth by the American Psychological Association in the Code of Ethics for psychologists.  I comply with state requirements for continuing education as a Licensed Psychologist.  I abide by all HIPAA laws pertaining to your PHI (Private Health Information).

I participate in at least two peer consultation groups which meet at least monthly.  These challenge me to continue growing personally and as a clinician.  As recommended in my training,  I also participate in personal psychotherapy on a regular basis to continue my growth as a person and as a psychotherapist.

My office affords privacy. I rent my own suite with a private waiting room and a separate entrance from the street. The rest-rooms are shared with only two or three other people down the hall. My voicemail is confidential.  My email is not encrypted.  So please keep your email inquiries short.  I use paper medical records, not digital, and these are maintained in a locked cabinet, within a locked room. When you have completed your therapy, the file is securely stored for several years in accordance with North Carolina medical records laws until they are allowed to be shred. Credit and other plastic card payments are received with software/services in compliance with federal laws for merchants (not personal money exchange services). 

I will discuss my fees with you before services are rendered.  Total costs for your therapy cannot be quoted, since I don’t know in advance how long your treatment will be.  However, we can discuss at any time in the course of your therapy how long it might take to work on and achieve your stated goals so that you can devise a plan for estimated overall costs. 

If you are paying with insurance, we will share the responsibility to determine what is your financial part and what is your insurance company’s part.  We estimate as best we can based on the terms of your plan as quoted to you the amount that will be your part. Ultimately, we go by what the adjusted claim is showing as “Patient Responsibility.” Claims can take time to be paid and there are sometimes delays in determining your balance due or credit balance.  If you believe your charges are wrong, please contact me immediately to straighten it out.  If you have questions about confidentiality, privacy, or financial disclosure, please ask me.

If you are ready to call, good for you!  Here is the number: 704-776-6438.

If you need information about Payment, please click on the “Payment” tab.

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