About Me

I am from South Florida where, as a child, I spent a lot of time in and on the water. I first came to North Carolina as a young child, visiting the Cherokee and Balsam areas of the Smoky Mountains. I returned to the Smoky Mountains in 1992 and fell in love all over again. I still love the ocean. I love also the mountains. I needed both! I moved to the greater Charlotte area in 1994.

I come from a line of healers and helpers including doctors, nurses, and social workers/therapists. I was interested even as a child in helping people.

I have been practicing full-time as a Licensed Psychologist for more than thirty years.  I have an additional ten years of experience working in the mental health field during college and graduate school. I have had my full-time private practice since 2002. Through the work, I have learned a great deal about people, their problems and how to help them. My style is patient, calm, frank, analytical/logical, and supportive. I am focused and disciplined which allows me to cut through to the heart of the matter quickly and easily.

People ask me “don’t you get tired of listening to people’s problems?” I do not get tired of the work. The reason is because much more is happening than my listening to problems. In my practice, people are learning about themselves. People are finding ways to feel better. Once people feel better, they can do better. That is, they make decisions which improve their life. It is exciting for both us! It is refreshing, even invigorating, to see people make lasting changes they want to make! Come join us!

Click on the “Mission Statement” tab to learn about why I do this work and how I approach the work.

Whenever you are ready to speak with me, please call 704-776-6438.

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