Areas of Expertise

I have a general practice, meaning I work with those with a wide range of problems.  I am especially skilled in these areas:

 * Personal growth/ self-esteem/ boundaries

 * Moving beyond depression, anxiety and other mood problems/ becoming unstuck 

 * Relationship problems

 * Grief/ loss; adjusting to changes (divorce/ moving/ new job)

 * Stress reduction

 * Effectiveness, negotiation, communication and related skills for executives, high performers, and career-minded persons

* Self-care/ burn-out recovery for helpers, healers, & care-givers (therapists, medical workers, family members, pastors, teachers)

* Personal work for psychotherapists

* Recovering from childhood wounds/ narcissistic abuse

* Increasing and strengthening family time for busy families

* Parent effectiveness training for wimpy parents

* Sand Tray Therapy (a fun, creative, expressive way to learn about yourself) for kids and adults / Play Therapy with Children

* Insomnia and healthy living habits including sleep, eating, exercise, and having fun

* Those on a cancer journey

* Help/ hope for those struggling with faith and spiritual issues. (Although I am coming from a Christian background personally, I am sensitive to those from other faiths and spiritual backgrounds.)

 I work with a wide variety of people with many kinds of problems and may well be able to help you even if your particular problem is not listed above.

So, if you are ready to speak with me, please call at 704-776-6438.

 Please click on “Curriculum Vitae” to see my education, training, and credentials

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