I will be happy to discuss my fees with you when you call. Your Patient Responsibility part is collected at the beginning of session. I accept credit/debit and HSA (Health Savings Account) cards, cash and checks. 

At the end of your course of treatment, you and I will settle any out-standing Balance Due or Balance Credit. If you are paying with insurance, we will settle your account after your final claim has been paid.

New Client Intake forms are completed in person in the first session so that I can answer your questions.  I allow an hour for this session.  Other sessions are usually 53 minutes.  

Please read this section if you are thinking of paying with your insurance. I am currently in network with Aetna (through December 2025) and with all BlueCross products including State Health Plan and out-of-state products( except for BlueLocal).  You will be required to call (or chat with) your insurance before your first appointment, so that you can be prepared to pay your Patient Responsibility part in your first session.  I will send you an Insurance Questions Form in advance.  Please print out the form, record answers to all questions, and bring with you for your first appointment.

If I am still unsure at the time of your first session as the terms of your insurance plan, I will collect the amount I believe is your Patient Responsibility part based on the information you gathered when you called your insurance.  However, the final determination as to what is your Patient Responsibility is made when the claim is adjusted and the results are posted to the insurance company’s web-site.  You can see the results for yourself by logging on to your insurance company’s web-site, clicking on “My Claims” and looking at the EOB’s (Explanation of Benefits) for yourself.   The EOB will show for each Date of Service my standard fee before the insurance discount was applied ie., “Billed Charges,” the Contracted Fee I have with the provider, the amount the insurance company paid, and the difference, in the “Patient Responsibility” column, which is your part for that service that day.  

Insurance in North Carolina is legally obligated to pay or send an EOB within thirty days. However, it sometimes takes longer than that.  Also, insurance workers occasionally mis-quote the terms of your plan over the phone.  If what you were quoted does not make sense to me, you will need to call them to discuss it with them.  I can help you know what to say, if needed.  It is a shared responsibility between you and me to track your insurance payments and make sure your bill is being paid correctly.  But your charges incurred in my office are ultimately your responsibility, regardless of how your insurance pays.

For those of you who are going out-of-network but want to file a claim to recover some monies, please call your insurance and inquire about “Out of Network Behavioral Health Benefits.” If you will be going out of network, I will provide you a “Superbill” with the information you need in order to complete your claim form yourself. The monies you recover will be according to the terms of your plan for their “Maximum Allowable or Usual and Customary” fees for the service rendered and will likely be lower than my office fees.  

For more about insurance versus paying out of pocket, visit the “Frequently Asked Questions” tab and the question “Why Should I Pay Privately?”

That’s enough on that.  If you’re ready to get going, call me at 704-776-6438.

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